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The Texart RT-640M is a multi-function large format sublimation printer, cleverly designed to enable printing both directly onto transfer paper and direct-to-textile within one single affordable device. The best choice for short run, on-demand production, the RT-640M delivers maximum versatility, flexibility and outstanding print quality. Why make the choice between an indirect or direct sublimation printer, when you can buy one that does both?

The perfect dye sublimation

Direct Printing and Digital Transfer

The unique printing capabilities of the RT-640M mean that you can print directly onto polyester-based/coated textiles, as well as dye-sublimation transfer paper, using the same ink and RIP. There’s simply no other device in its class that can do this all-in-one.

Using specially formulated sublimation inks, and the industry-leading Ergosoft Roland Edition 2 RIP software (included in the printer package), you simply need to add a post-printing sublimation system (such as a heat press, calendar, 3D vacuum or reactivator oven), to have everything required to enter into the profitable world of textile printing.

ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2

Developed to perfectly integrate with the Roland RT-640M, ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 combines intuitive image editing and print output tools with extensive colour management and enhanced workflow features — enabling users to take on multiple print jobs with minimum waste and maximum results. ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 features a PDF engine for faster RIP times and processing (up to 40% faster), a simplified profiling process for 8 colour ink set, the ability to create or import Colour Books (including FOGRA and Pantone®) and many other features designed to automatically optimise your colour output and streamline your workflow.

A wide range of Materials

The RT-640M device enables printing onto a huge variety of different materials and items.

Using the indirect transfer method (with paper) you can image onto polyester fabrics, mixed polyester/cotton*, LYCRA®, nylon, coated surfaces and pre-treated metals.

When printing directly, there is a wide variety of single and double-sided pre-coated polyester fabrics available; such as flag polyester, mesh, backlit, voile, block out and banners.

Even tensioning and no skewing

The RT-640M is equipped with an adjustable front roller system, to ensure stable and uninterrupted production. And combined with a media take-up system delivers even tensioning, with no skewing.

With an ink collection channel within the printer bed, the RT-640M will print perfectly onto thin substrates, such as voile or flag materials. The results are detailed, precise and accurate prints – wound perfectly onto the take-up system, in preparation for heat fixation.


  • 4 colour CYMK
  • Hight Speed (540x360/2PASS) 32.6 sqm/hr
  • Production (540x360/3PASS) 22.0 sqm/hr
  • Standard (360x720/4PASS) 16.0 sqm/hr
  • Hight Quality (720x720/8PASS) 8 sqm/hr


  • 8 colour CYMKcLmLyOrViFpFy


  • Hight Speed (540x360/4PASS) 16 sqm/hr
  • Production (540x360/6PASS) 10.7 sqm/hr
  • Standard (360x720/8PASS) 8 sqm/hr
  • Hight Quality (720x720/12PASS) 5.4 sqm/hr


As well as the high-quality solvent printers for which they are rightly famous, Roland DG printers makes it easier than ever to bring stunning graphics to soft signage, exhibits and décor.

Soft Signage & Exhibits

Sublimated textiles are growing rapidly in popularity for trade show exhibits and soft signage. Sublimated prints are easily transferred to polyester fabric for vibrant flags, banners and textiles that preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. In addition to offering brilliant color, fabrics are lighter in weight for shipping and hanging. The advanced Roland Texart XT-640, RT-640 and the new RT-640M are ideal for sublimation applications. Their 64-inch size and ability to accommodate four, or eight ink colours gives the them the flexibility to produce high quality sublimated graphics for soft signage, exhibits and much more.

Printed Fabric Decor

When equipped with sublimation inks, the 64-inch Texart printers are a great choice for fine art and interior décor assignments. These printers are perfect for producing fabric prints that can enhance the acoustics of a room, a factor that is increasingly important as interiors continue to feature many hard surfaces such as granite, tile and hardwood.

QPS are dye-sublimation experts

QPS have been supplying and supporting dye-sublimation print systems for over 10 years, and can offer a broad range of the necessary hardware, software and consumables that can guarantee perfect results for soft-signage, decor, apparel and more.

For more information on the available options please email or call 01704 897575.

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