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As well as the high quality solvent prints for which they are rightly famous, Roland DG printers makes it easier than ever to bring stunning graphics to soft signage, exhibits and décor.

Soft Signage & Exhibits
Sublimated textiles are growing rapidly in popularity for trade show exhibits and soft signage. Sublimated prints are easily transferred to polyester fabric for vibrant flags, banners and textiles that preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. In addition to offering brilliant color, fabrics are lighter in weight for shipping and hanging. The advanced Roland PRO4 XF-640 or the VersaExpress RF-640 are ideal for sublimation applications. Their 64-inch size and ability to accommodate four, six or eight ink colours gives the them the flexibility to produce high quality sublimated graphics for soft signage, exhibits and much more.

Printed Fabric Decor
When equipped with sublimation inks, the 64-inch Roland XF-640 or RF-640 is a great choice for fine art and interior décor assignments. These printers are perfect for producing fabric prints that can enhance the acoustics of a room, a factor that is increasingly important as interiors continue to feature many hard surfaces such as granite, tile and hardwood.

QPS are dye-sublimation experts
QPS have been supplying and supporting dye-subimation print systems for over 10 years, and can offer a broad range of the necessary hardware, software and consumables that can guarantee perfect results for soft-signage, decor, apparel and more.

For more information on the available options please email or call 01704 897575.

QPS for Roland DG Dye-Sub Solutions

In early 2014, Lancashire-based Quality Print Services Ltd were appointed as an Authorised Roland Dealer for dye-sublimation applications.

At the time of their appointment, Chris Bailey, Director of QPS said: "We're thrilled to have been appointed as an Authorised Roland Dealer for dye-sublimation applications. We have supplied and supported a range of dye-sublimation inks and heat transfer papers to the trade for over a decade."

"This is an exciting, progressive market, so we're very pleased to be now helping our customers expand their business even further by adding Roland's wide-format technology to our portfolio."

The first machine to be made available through QPS was the Roland VersaExpress RF-640, with a number of installations already confirmed to existing QPS dye-sublimation customers. The new Roland Texart RT-640 has also recently been added to the QPS dye-subimation printer range.

The Roland VersaExpress RF-640 features an eight-channel mirrored ink configuration (CMYKKYMC) for colour consistency while the Roland Intelligent Pass Control system accurately controls dot placement between passes to virtually eliminate banding. Variable droplet control produces seven different droplets sizes to accentuate an image's fine details.

This 1.6m-wide machine can print at speeds of up to 23.1sqm/hr onto heat transfer paper, making it ideal for the rapid, high-quality production of transfers for ceramic, sports apparel, flag and soft signage applications.

The VersaExpress RF-640 displays the Roland Eco-Label, showing it meets the manufacturer's environmental standards based on ISO 14021 Type II accreditation. This ties in with other environmentally conscious products and services available from QPS such as Ilford BioMedia biodegradable display boards, films and laminates and its ink cartridge recycling scheme.

QPS will supply the VersaExpress RF-640, the Texart RT-640 or the new larger XT-640 with premium digital water-based inks, enabling wide-format print businesses to cut the cost of dye-sub printing without compromising quality or consistency.

XT 640 Right Take up System

Rob Goleniowski, Business Manager, Sign & Graphics at Roland DG (UK) says, "We were very impressed by the technical knowledge of the team at QPS and their ability to offer the customer a complete package. Their attitude to customer service also mirrors Roland's in that they want to do all they can to ensure their customers are delighted with their purchase, so the synergy made it an easy decision to appoint them as an Authorised Roland Dealer for dye-sublimation solutions."

For more information on the available options please email  or call 01704 897575.


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