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565 Group

Nazdar® 565 Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed specifically for use in Oki™ Colorpainter M64-S Digital Printers using Oki SX IP6 Ink.

  • Colour Match to Oki SX IP6 inks
  • No profiling necessary in most situations
  • Reliable unattended printing
  • Excellent print head & nozzle performance
  • Low odour formulation
  • High intensity, high gloss colours
  • Consistent colour density
  • Enhanced drying characteristics minimise the risk of ‘blocking’
  • Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and fading


Nazdar series 565 ink is a true alternative to the Oki SX IP6 original ink. Our pouches are 100% compatible and install just like OEM pouches. The 565 Series ink is colour comparable, meaning that there is no need to custom profile in most situations.
Superb results can be expected from our high performance, high gloss formulation.
Excellent nozzle performance promotes head life, while our low odour formulation can make for a more pleasant working environment.
Users will also realise substantial cost savings over the OEM product.

When changing from Seiko original ink cartridges to Nazdar 565 series cartridges operators should remove the empty OEM pouch and replace with a Nazdar ink pouch and continue printing. This can be carried out either one pouch at a time or all colours together.

You will find the Nazdar brand buried in the history of nearly every inkjet printer manufacturer currently offering products to the market. Nazdar continues to enjoy the position as a preferred inks manufacturer to a number of OEM partners. As one of the most experienced ink development companies in the world, Nazdar offers more knowledge and R&D expertise than any other ink company.

Nazdar is known for products that are at the leading edge of colour and performance in the inkjet world. While Nazdar continue to develop innovative new products Nazdar are very aware of the market requirement for products that very simply match the characteristics of the OEM offering.

With the strongest third party warranty, you can take comfort in knowing that Nazdar stands behind every drop of Nazdar digital ink that is supplied with the best warranty in the business.

Nazdar’s warranty states that if Nazdar inks are ever proven responsible for the breakdown of a digital printer, Nazdar will provide reimbursement for the cost required to repair any damage to the ink train.

In addition to the Nazdar warranty, QPS Ltd, offer full front line technical support to all users of Nazdar ink products in the UK. This can be via adhoc ‘Pay as you Go’ arrangements or with more formal ‘Service Contract’ packages.

All service work is completed by experienced QPS Ltd engineers.

QPS Ltd proudly offer our Nazdar branded products as the most reliable and technically advanced in the industry.


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