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Edinburgh-based GMP Print Solutions purchased the ColorJet Verve Mini after a live demonstration by QPS and has already seen a marked improvement in production.


Burscough, UK, June 11, 2024: Scottish print company GMP Print Solutions has praised the impact its new ColorJet Verve Mini LED UV curing flatbed printer has had on business, revealing the machine has significantly improved efficiency and overall flexibility.

Based near Edinburgh, GMP has been serving the market for two decades, with 2024 marking the company’s 20th anniversary. With a strong focus on sustainability, GMP is committed to delivering customers a planet friendly service, carbon balancing all its print products at no extra cost.

Such is the popularity of this service offering that GMP has experienced a strong increase in demand, with the company taking the decision to bring more work in-house to maximise profit on all printed projects.

“Following analysis of product trends and our customer sales, we identified a quick win for all by offering more efficient printing to our customers,” said Andy Stuart, Joint Managing Director at GMP.

“GMP gets involved in many exhibitions and events across the UK, both supplying and installing wayfinding, display graphics and other large event materials. This investment was the correct piece of machinery at the correct time in our business’s development and aligned with customer need.”

Having considered the options available on the market, GMP identified the ideal solution in the form of the ColorJet Verve Mini, a large format LED UV curing flatbed printer available in the UK and Ireland exclusively through Quality Print Services (QPS). The GMP team visited QPS – a long-term supplier to the business – for a live demonstration of the machine before opting to invest in the printer.

“Our market investigations based around ideals of size, flexibility, efficiency and asset value in a compact footprint led us to a few machines on the market,” Andy said. “QPS have been a supplier to GMP over many years, and they introduced us to the ColorJet Verve Mini machine at their showroom in Burscough on a rainy February day.

“When we saw the capability and flexibility of production, matched to our own ideals of footprint and deck size, it was an easy deal for us to conclude. From day one of installation, the machine has proved itself to be exactly what we – and our customers – needed and continues to improve what we do.”

As to the impact the ColorJet Verve Mini has had on production at GMP, Andy said the printer has greatly improved efficiency, quality of production and response times for customers. He added that GMP has been able to supply products at incredibly short notice for customer events where other suppliers had produced incorrect components.

“From a purely product expansion perspective, the ColorJet Verve Mini is a supremely flexible machine that can produce any number of promotional printed items, direct-to-substrate production, the list goes on,” Andy said.

Looking to the future, Andy said that the ColorJet Verve Mini will play a key part in GMP’s ongoing growth plans, adding that the machine fits in with the company’s core ethos of employing a fairly small, but well-trained, production team that can efficiently operate multiple devices at one time.

“One of our future objectives is process and workflow automation, where flexible and aligned technology is the key to making this as smoothly functional as possible,” Andy said. “Previously, we would have had the expense and risks from four separate production processes to create what we can now make in a single production pass, or we would have had to outsource to the trade. There are many benefits in this, and our customers are already seeing these in action.

“As we expand our own knowledge and capabilities, we expect this machine to be an integral part of our production workflow for GMP’s future business. We are already aiming high, with our mantra of ‘go-big or go-home’ always in our minds!”



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