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By Chris Bailey, Managing Director of Quality Print Services (QPS)
Burscough, UK, April 30, 2020: With the current challenges facing the print industry – and the UK as a whole – many businesses are looking at their finances. As well as looking to potential new markets and opportunities, by reviewing their existing cost structures print service providers may make substantial savings.
When it comes to day-to-day operations, the cost of consumables plays a large role. This could be reduced by switching from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inks to credible alternative inks. However, when researching alternative inks it is important to cover all bases – from colour matching and adhesion to substrates, consistency in supply to potential impact on warranty and hardware, plus concerns about quality.
QPS is the main UK distributor for Nazdar, one of the most popular and established manufacturers of alternative inks. We offer technical advice and support to businesses switching from OEM to Nazdar inks from our Lancashire head office, providing all the necessary information and ensuring the conversion process is seamless.
Nazdar inks are carefully colour-matched and many are plug-and-play, delivering exceptional compatibility without the need for flushing. They have also been developed to deliver the same, or an even higher, standard of quality as OEM inks and – crucially – they will cause no harm to print hardware if used correctly. In addition, many Nazdar inks are made in the UK, so customers can be sure of a reliable supply chain while supporting our national industry. Essentially, the only change the customer sees is a smaller bill at the end of the month.
Matt Burrows of Leek Signs & Graphics Ltd in Staffordshire has been operating with Nazdar bulk ink systems across a range of Roland printers for several years. He says: "We are happy with Nazdar inks; they are economical and produce great colours. We've never had any problems using these alternative inks."
Likewise, Paul Cartwright, Head of Production at The Colour House, has switched to Nazdar inks:
"Chris Bailey at QPS recommended Nazdar inks for their lower price and showed us the research to prove the colour quality too… We haven't noticed any difference in colour or quality since switching from OEM inks – and we're making cost savings on every cartridge."
On working with QPS and using Nazdar inks, W.A.E. Group's Paul Austin adds: "I would recommend QPS as a company wholeheartedly and I honestly can't see why anyone wouldn't change to the Nazdar inks. You make great savings in terms of ink costs, yet there is absolutely no loss of print quality or adhesion to substrates. It's a complete no-brainer."
At QPS, we also offer an unrivalled warranty on the Nazdar inks.

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