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Quality Print Services (QPS) is pleased to announce that the prices of its wide range of Nazdar ink will remain steady this autumn, following cost increases in inks by some of the major OEM suppliers.

QPS is a leading supplier of Nazdar inks in the UK – in addition to print equipment and media and technical support – and stocks a broad range of formulations for myriad applications. It supplies UV-curable, water-based and solvent inks for wide-format printing, sign-making, vehicle wraps and textiles, all at exceptional quality and at a lower price point than OEM inks.

Customers across the UK have found that switching to QPS's Nazdar inks has saved them money without compromising on their high standards.

Nottingham-based Marshall Signs, for instance, converted to Nazdar 702 series UV inkjet inks for its Océ Arizona 250 GT, finding that the direct replacements for IJC256 inks offer high quality regardless of printer speed. On everyday work like health and safety signs, the 'inks provide vibrancy and a nice matte finish with none of the striping we experienced with other inks', says Marshall Signs Owner Andy Marshall, while occasional work printed on the fine art setting 'unbelievable quality'.

"Purchasing Nazdar inks and service packages from QPS saves us money and is easier than going to OEMs. We're a small business and there's no need to make things more complicated," he adds.

QPS's range also includes the Nazdar 705 series inks for HP FB500/700 printer platforms.

Signtec Ltd, based in Chelmsford, says it has 'saved buckets of cash' by switching from OEM inks to Nazdar for its Agfa Anapurna printer while maintaining output quality and speeds, and with no interruption during changeover.

"There are certainly some good deals to be had in alternative inks, but there are also some scare stories out there. My experience has been absolutely positive and I can say without any doubt, I am a very happy Nazdar customer," says Peter French, Projects Manager, Signtec.

Chris Bailey, Managing Director of QPS, comments: "Many price increases will come into effect during September, but that doesn't apply to our Nazdar range.

"For example, significant price rises have been announced for some eco-solvent ink products for which there are excellent direct alternatives from Nazdar. So in addition to our more affordable prices as standard, our customers will avoid that increase to their monthly bills.

"Buying these eco-solvent inks from Nazdar has the added bonus of supporting the national economy as they are manufactured right here in the UK."

Nazdar inks are developed as direct replacements for the most popular OEM inks on the market, without fuss, downtime or ink wastage during switchover. QPS's Lancashire-based team is renowned for its assistance during and after the conversion process, which technical support packages part of its service offering.

For more information about QPS's large-format print products and services, please email or call 01704 897575.

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