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Nazdar Arizona 480XT

Quality Print Services (QPS) will supply new top-quality Nazdar UV-cured inkjet inks, developed for the Fujifilm Acuity and Océ Arizona printer platforms respectively, in the UK.

As a leading Nazdar digital inks and consumables supplier, QPS is looking forward to demonstrating how the new Nazdar 702 Series and Nazdar 703 Series inks can replace OEM inks with no loss of quality or reliability. Indeed, a number of existing QPS customers have taken part in beta tests of the new Nazdar inks to ensure they deliver the very best results at the best price.

Nazdar 702 Series has been formulated to be a close colour-match to Océ IJC256 inks, while the Nazdar 703 Series is a direct replacement for Fujifilm Uvijet KI inks. With fast-curing formulas, consistent colour density and excellent resistance to edge-chipping, peeling and fading, the new 702 Series and 703 Series offer long-term outdoor performance on both rigid and flexible materials.

Both inksets can be installed quickly and easily, with no requirement to flush the printer – the Nazdar pouch is simply fitted behind an empty Océ or Fujfilm pouch – to prevent ink waste. With UK-wide support from QPS readily available, users can benefit from lower ink costs and maximum quality with minimum inconvenience.

"After completing successful trials with our existing customers, we're delighted to release the new Nazdar 702 Series and Nazdar 703 Series inks to the full UK market," says Chris Bailey, Managing Director of QPS. "As with all Nazdar inks, they provide all the qualities that display print businesses expect and demand from OEM inks but at a much lower price point. Our customers will also have the advantage of our team of expert engineers to ensure switchovers go smoothly."

For more information about Nazdar inks or any other large-format print service from QPS, please email  or call 01704 897575.

Nazdar 702 UV inks for Arizona

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