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Marshall Signs, one of the first UK-based print businesses to try Nazdar 702 series UV inkjet inks, remains a very satisfied customer a number of months on.

Released in autumn 2015, the Nazdar 702 series inkset has been developed by Nazdar Ink Technologies as a high-quality, affordable alternative to OEM inks for Océ Arizona printers. As Nazdar's first entry into the plug-and-play UV inkjet market, the inks offer a seamless conversion process with excellent colour and chemical compatibility.

They are also extremely reliable and consistent with vibrant results, as Nottingham-based Marshall Signs discovered at the end of last year. The health and safety sign specialist was running a second-hand Océ Arizona 250 GT with alternative inks from a different supplier, but was waiting for the availability of the Nazdar 702 series.

"I had already been in contact with Chris Bailey from Nazdar inks distributor QPS about compatible inks for the Océ Arizona 250 GT, so he emailed me as soon as they were ready," explains Marshall Signs Owner Andy Marshall.

"Conversion was very simple and the inks are very consistent. The health and safety signs that make up the bulk of our work require block colours and Nazdar 702 inks provide vibrancy and a nice matte finish with none of the striping we experienced with other inks. We're very pleased with them."

He goes on to explain that the Océ Arizona 250 GT has three print quality settings and even on the lowest (production) setting the Nazdar inks do a great job at high speeds. And, as an illustrator and graphic designer, Andy Marshall's occasional work printed on the fine art setting are 'unbelievable quality', he says. "It's a very versatile machine and needs inks that are compatible with all settings."

Marshall Signs did not see the new Nazdar 702 series inks in action before purchasing them because, Andy Marshall states, 'Nazdar only releases things they are completely happy with themselves.'

The Nazdar 702 series UV inkjet inks are intended as a direct replacement for IJC256 inks commonly used in Océ Arizona printers, with colour reproduction capabilities so accurate that flushing, purging or re-profiling is not necessary. Colours can be replaced separately so that users do not have to waste ink when switching to Nazdar.

In addition to supplying Nazdar inks and consumables to Marshall Signs, Lancashire-based Quality Print Services (QPS) provides maintenance and support to its customers across the UK. When Marshall Signs required the printer to be serviced just before Christmas, the QPS team handled this themselves and ensured the printer was up and running within no time. "Back-up is just as important as good inks," says Andy Marshall. "QPS got us out of a tricky situation and really, really impressed us."

He adds: "Purchasing Nazdar inks and service packages from QPS saves us money and is easier than going to OEMs. We're a small business and there's no need to make things more complicated."

Marshall Signs is considering investing in a new inkjet printer and will 'definitely' be looking at Nazdar digital inks. "As long as Nazdar and QPS continue to supply the ink, we'll keep buying it," says Andy Marshall.

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